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12 – 16.2.2016, Frankfurt am Main

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Hobbytex bvba

The JoY@Home concept

Within its range of products Hobbytex
also has extra articles that improve the
cross selling in the stores. In its modern
and trendy collection of PVC table cloths,
Hobbytex offers a whole spectrum of
possibilities and products.
1. Oilcloth by the meter on a non-woven
back: 140, 155 or 180 cm (55,1, 61 or 70,9
inch) width.
2. Table cloths fi nished with a bias band,
packed on a cardboard cylinder. This
revolutionary packing method avoids
annoying folds and creasing. A packing
idea by Hobbytex.
3. Paper napkins, 3 layers, biologically
degradable, bleached without chlorine
and dyed with water-based paint.
4. 5 different qualities of ironing board
covers: Molton (1 layer), Aluminium
(2 layers), Classic (2 layers), Comfort
(3 layers) and Activ (5 layers.
5. PVC placemats, antiskid.
6. NEW JoY@Static & JoY@Fix :
Our associated company Dilotex
nv/sa created with own hands a new
and high-grade quality in static and
adhesive foils. These 2 collections are
basically created on the hand of the trendy
oilcloth Hobbytex collection and quality
JoY@Home. They content 2 widths 45
and 90cm in metre ware (20m rolls)
and short rolls (1,5m) especially for
the DIY market and foodstores.

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